Do I need any water polo experience?
No, we have boys & girls starting who have never seen a water polo ball.  The kids are  are coached according to their ability on water polo fundamentals – how to tread water, catch, shoot, pass and basic water polo rules.

What do I need for practice?
A swim suit and a smile!  We provide the water polo balls, cages and water polo caps.

When are practices?
Click here for the full practice schedule which includes all practices, scrimmages and tournaments for all age groups.

Where are practices?
Click here for the full practice schedule which has all the pool locations and addresses for you

Is water polo a physical sport?
Water polo is ranked as the 2nd most physically demanding sport.  An athlete’s heart grows with the intensity of the sport, and polo players are know for their big hearts – literally and figuratively.  Due to being surrounded by water, water polo is a low injury sport with significantly less injuries than sports like football, soccer or any sport where individuals can crash into each other with speed.

Can I get PE Credit for playing water polo?
Yes, if you would like PE Credit , you need to (1) attend the required practices and (2) email us the school required paperwork so we can complete it for you.  With just our week day practices (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and excluding our Sunday practices or water polo games, we total more than 5 hours per week – more than the required PE time per week.

What are the costs?
~10U Elementary school water polo/splashball with 2 practices/wk – $100/mth.
~12U & 14U Middle school water polo with 4 practices/wk – $185/mth.
~16U & 18U High school water polo with 4 practices/wk – $185/mth.
Monthly fees are paid by subscribing to be a club member, Click here to become a team member.

Are practices compulsory?
No, you can attend practices as you like, but you are not eligible for water polo tournaments, scrimmages or leagues without attending practices.

Is there a life guard on deck?
Yes, as well as a minimum of 2 coaches on deck at all times.

Are there showers at the pool?
Yes, there are locker rooms to change and shower.  It is suggested that you do not leave your belongings in the locker room as we cannot control who enters the locker room.

Can parents watch practices & scrimmages?
Yes, there are bleachers at the pool and parents are welcome.

How do I join Santa Monica Water Polo Club?
Click Join Now! to register online. If you have any questions, call us at (424) 255-8811 or email us.

Questions about water polo skills & tactics?
Click on the link for Water Polo Videos

How is water polo played?
Click on the link for Water Polo Basics

Who do we contact with more questions?
Call (424) 255-8811 or click here to email


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